„The excellent experimental Violinist Mia Zabelka“ Shane Woolman / The Wire Magazine

"Mighty mistress of the contemporary violin takes you further into the sound with malstrom. Mia Zabelka is a wondrous violinist who takes adventurous journeys into uncharted musical territories." Pauline Oliveros

"Mia Zabelka`s work is visceral, cerebral and sensual. A gorgeous, haunting sound which employs classical interpretation and experimental improvisation to transcend musical genres, creating a sonic surround uniquely her own.
She inhabits a sonic universe lush with soul cleansing vibrancy". Lydia Lunch

"Mia Zabelkas solo album „M“ is above all a particulary vibrant masterpiece of experimental music" The Milkman (UK)

"A lady whose music that can take you to a higher consciousness if you choose to let it - and the results are rather far out and spectacular“ BABYSUE Magazine (USA)

„Highly inventive work from the Austrian violinist Mia Zabelka on her M… Zabelka’s full of variations and ideas on this album“ SoundProjector Magazine (UK)

„Mia weet als geen ander een verhaal te vertellen met haar instrument(en). Boeiende, mooie en bloedstollende verhalen die je niet onbewogen laten. Als je dat kan naast alle virtuositeit, dan ben je een hele grote.
De hoofdletter M van Meesterlijk, Magisch en Meeslepend“. (Mia knows like no other to tell a story with her instrument (s). Fascinating, beautiful and thrilling stories that will move you. If you can do that, besides all virtuosity, then you are a big one.
The capital M from Masterful, Magical and Mesmerizing …) Caleidoscoop (NL)

„Mia Zabelka convinced the audience with her creativity and charisma“ Jazzin (Serbia)

"Mia Zabelkas violin sounds like a Seismograph" Västerbottens Kuriren, Made Festival UMEA (Sweden)

"Austrian Violinist Mia Zabelka brings us a fascinating Solo Project. Possibly the biggest discovery the 27th FIMAV has to offer" Festival International Musique Actuelle, Vicoriaville (Canada)